Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Stop for Christmas

While this blog purports to be about antique quilts, sometimes other things take precedence. Enjoy your holiday. Be with your family. Take a nap. Let the dog tear up the wrapping paper--what a gift for him!
And if you're on your own, that's cool too. Make a phone call or two to relations-even if they're a pain. Reward yourself and go buy that hardback book (the one you're waiting for to come out in paperback) and curl up someplace warm. Under a quilt.

1 comment:

lola ruiz said...

Hello from Spain,
I just found your blog and subscribed. I enjoy each of the antique quilts. Really love those humble and simple and so authentic. They look to me much more than interesting; I think they are a piece of the real, real creative soul of these anonimous women.
Thank you for share.
Also, i smiled and even laught at the funny comments you make. And the one in this post is so tender|
A pleasure to read you!