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This blog is for and about vintage and antique quilts and the folks who love them. We get together and show our quilts. Hence the term 'quilt flap,' as in, drag-n-brag or show-n-tell. Starting in coastal North Carolina, a region of the American South with lots of history and mosquitoes, we hope other people will join us as we search out textile treasures and share them on this blog.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Inspired by Crazies

Every once in a while. some wonderful strange quilt surfaces on ebay, that online auction site. If I bid on something and miss it, sometimes I'll file the image. Such is the case with this wonderful early 20th century patchwork masterpiece inspired by crazy quilting.

Only a quilt top and made from common wool fabrics, the way too much (and just-enough embroidery) is what makes the piece so endearing. Somewhere, someone was able to buy this old quilt and I hope they're giving it a good home. Enough with the pillows and 'cutter' stuff!

If I thought folks were gonna cut these up, I'd be trying to cast some kind of "Do Not Cut" spell. Isn't this sweet?