Saturday, June 14, 2008

Flap, Flap!

A week from today we should be up to our ears in old quilts. Ah--go ahead, throw me into the brier patch.......nothing I'd rather do than root around in old textiles. The Quilt Flap is on at the History Place in downtown Morehead City NC on Saturday, June 21. See the sidebar for the short version of the invite. I've been getting emails and calls and yes, there's still room for you!

What can you expect to see at the Flap? Likely some wonderful contemporary quilts will walk in since quilters can't resist showing off their work. Like this gorgeous Hexagon Medallion by Becki Bucci that came to our local guild's Day of Sharing event a year ago. Isn't this a beauty? Hand made every bit! This should refute any nay-sayer who says the only great quilts are antique quilts.

Those quilts kept in chests and boxes that haven't seen daylight in a generation are what we're hoping to see next Saturday. Maybe even ephemera (paper stuff) like this Depression-era photo from the Library of Congress archives that shows a proud quilter (identified as Mrs. Bill Staggs) displaying her embroidered State Flower quilt. The design was by Ruby McKim, a well-known quilt designer in the 1930s whose work was syndicated in many newspapers.

Because the craft of quilting is known for people sharing their knowledge in groups, the Quilt Flap is right in that traditional style. Show it and they will come. Since quilters often work in solitary splendor at home, they thrive on encouragement from others. And people who have treasured their beloved family quilts might want information as to how to take care of them. Since this area of North Carolina has an abundance of quilts, we hope people will get those heirlooms out and bring them to the Flap.

Here's a picture from Quilt Appreciation Day at the Core Sound Waterfowl Museum on Harker's Island last year. Jan Willis, Lynn's sister-in-law Vickie, and Lynn Gorges are researching the pattern of this vintage quilt.

You're bound to hear someone say, "Wow, I wanted to learn to quilt but I didn't think anyone still did it!" Be assured: quilting is alive and well and oh boy, are you in for a treat!