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This blog is for and about vintage and antique quilts and the folks who love them. We get together and show our quilts. Hence the term 'quilt flap,' as in, drag-n-brag or show-n-tell. Starting in coastal North Carolina, a region of the American South with lots of history and mosquitoes, we hope other people will join us as we search out textile treasures and share them on this blog.

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Antique Quilt Appraisals this Saturday!

Our own version of the Road Show! This Saturday November 7 is the Carteret County Historical Society's 'Antique-A-Thon'  and it's happening at The History Place, our county museum, on the corner of Arendell and 12th Street in downtown Morehead City, North Carolina from 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.  The public is invited to bring in family items for antique experts to evaluate. A $5 donation item is required for every two items. 

All sorts of expert appraisers will be there. Bring decoys, furniture, paintings, textiles (that's me!), books, guns, clocks, silver, stamps, coins etc. Go root around in your attic and china closet and come on down! Who knows--maybe you'll find you possess something incredibly rare and valuable. Of course, the reverse can be true too. That ancient 'Ming' vase may have made yesterday in Hong Kong. But that's the fun of this event--bring your heirloom, tell the story, learn its value and history. Very cool.

Note: because the Veterans Day parade is also that day, I'd come early, get appraisals done, go outside for the parade at 11, and then stay for lunch at the Tea Clipper restaurant right in the same building. The Clipper's quiche is great and they make dainty tea-size sandwiches and salads. My favorite tea is their Lady Earl Grey, with cream and sugar-no lemon.