Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Yellow and Friends

As a brunette with a slightly sallow complexion, all my life I've been told that yellow is not a color I should wear. Perhaps that's why as a quiltmaker, I am so very attracted to the sunny side of the color wheel and often use colors like yellow, gold, and orange in my quilts.

There are marvelous precedents in nature sporting shades of orange and yellow, such as the trio of buddies here. Rosie the retriever is in the middle and we'll call the other two Purr and Peck. They are the pets of Gail Kessler, designer extraordinaire for Andover Fabrics.

Here's Gail's website link where you can see more of her work: 

When collecting antique quilts, I cannot resist orange, bright gold, or brilliant yellow--I am drawn to them like a bee to honey. This unusual folky Compass quilt was found in Southport NC but was made in the Apex area, c.1900. Then there's a 1960s Baby Bunting quilt from Georgia. It's a hot shade of orange and the workmanship is the pits but I love it.

Or again this c.1920's take on the Maple Leaf pattern set with bright cheddar.

         I can't resist.