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This blog is for and about vintage and antique quilts and the folks who love them. We get together and show our quilts. Hence the term 'quilt flap,' as in, drag-n-brag or show-n-tell. Starting in coastal North Carolina, a region of the American South with lots of history and mosquitoes, we hope other people will join us as we search out textile treasures and share them on this blog.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Earth-Shaking Quilting News!

Oh boy--if you're a quilter, this is gonna change your life! Applique, formerly out of reach for less than accomplished quilters, is now easy-peasy to do. I've been using a hot-glue gun to fasten down complex applique shapes and it's working! No more needle-turn, tiny stitches, fussy and time-consuming work! In fact, no more thread-n-needle needed at all! Just cut and glue that puppy in place!

Here's the quilt I made yesterday using this method. Oh, and happy April's Fool Day.