Sunday, December 6, 2020

Festive Quilts and Change

Red, green and white are the three colors we always associate with the holidays. But the splash of cheddar in this North Carolina Rose Wreath quilts does add a tiny quirky touch. Found it last November at a local antique mall in Morehead City.

This red and white sampler quilt could certainly serve as holiday decoration but about five years ago I made it for my friend Fran Grossman whose favorite color is red. 

Come to think of it, my Mom's favorite color was also red and she made this quilt top. It's about time I got that out and finished it!

I think my all-time favorite is this North Carolina Lily. I bought this antique quilt at an auction. It's from Onslow County, N.C. January 1996-the very first year we lived in North Carolina. 

A couple of years back I bought a really neat North Carolina Lily quilt from a friend who lived in Michigan. She told me her father, an ardent junker, had found a trunk by the side of the road in Detroit and in it was this quilt! She and I both agree that this quilt was probably the work of a Southern quiltmaker and that wouldn't have been unlikely since so many Southerners moved to the Detroit area to work in the auto/airplane factories and munitions plants in World War II. I know it's not a strict red-and-green quilt but thought you might like to see it. It makes me smile every time I see it.


This year I made a red, white, yellow-green and black block for the Guild's Christmas exchange block. 

Maybe my idea of what's really Christmas colors is changing?

Change is my word of the year for 2021. The thing I missed most about 2020 and staying home to stay safe? Teaching. Meeting new people and teaching and encouraging folks to quilt is meat-and-drink for my soul. I hope we can do it again soon.