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This blog is for and about vintage and antique quilts and the folks who love them. We get together and show our quilts. Hence the term 'quilt flap,' as in, drag-n-brag or show-n-tell. Starting in coastal North Carolina, a region of the American South with lots of history and mosquitoes, we hope other people will join us as we search out textile treasures and share them on this blog.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Stop for Christmas

While this blog purports to be about antique quilts, sometimes other things take precedence. Enjoy your holiday. Be with your family. Take a nap. Let the dog tear up the wrapping paper--what a gift for him!
And if you're on your own, that's cool too. Make a phone call or two to relations-even if they're a pain. Reward yourself and go buy that hardback book (the one you're waiting for to come out in paperback) and curl up someplace warm. Under a quilt.