Thursday, July 3, 2008

First Flap Report

I apologize for not posting about the Quilt Flap promptly. The very next morning after the Flap on June 21, I left for Missouri to do book research and today's the first day back at the computer.

Here's the short version of what happened at the Flap: lots more than we hoped for! Interesting and gorgeous quilts spilled out of bags and pillow cases, a lot of coffee and several dozen cookies were devoured, and we all made new friends. Forty three people registered at the door and they came from all over--both North and South Carolina, from Georgia, and even from Virginia.

We started at 10 AM with introductions and a little show-n-tell and then morphed into "the orange thing" which is generally me showing off my old cheddar and orange quilts. The old golden beauties couldn't have had a more appreciative audience! Lynn Gorges, game despite a bum knee, gave a presentation on Alamance plaids, those common workaday plaids woven right here in our state of North Carolina, and showed some of her extensive collection of plaid quilts. Lynn runs a textile preservation studio in New Bern. NC.

After lunch, Janice Pope (aka 'the quilt doctor') showed us a wonderful find from the Durham area. A small German community church, now simply called Brick Church, seems to have been ground zero for an unusual applique pattern. Janice has located thirteen quilts made with this pattern. Her find is the left picture. The rick-rack like edging on the applique motif is quite unusual. Another one of the Brick Church quilts was brought to the Flap by Kathy Sullivan of Raleigh (picture right).

There will be more pictures from the Flap but these will kick off the first report nicely-enjoy the eye candy! PS-if you attended the Flap, please send me some pictures!