Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fabrics I Have Loved

I love prints with clear Art Deco designs. True, for many quiltmakers these prints are a challenge. I mean, just how do you cut these things up and sew them back together in patchwork?!

Maybe not at all. I have some fabrics that will never get sliced since they're just too pretty like they are and besides, I haven't found, or designed, a good enough quilt pattern to showcase them properly. Or maybe I just like to pet them.

Boldly outlined pansies (I think) and the suggestion of cherries.

And a length of curtain fabric with swirly roses reminiscent of Charles Rennie Makintosh, the Scottish designer and painter, whose work I love and whose influence is still being felt today although many folks don't know about him. Take some time and click around the CRM Society website .