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Monday, December 7, 2015

The One(s) That Got Away

So I'm an antique quilt collector. And some of my R&D involves cruising ebay and other online auctions. When I see something strange and wonderful (notice how I almost always combine those terms-) but the quilt is already too dear for me to even consider bidding, I save a picture if I can and file away in a rather large file under the heading "Interesting as seen on ebay." There will always be a few that I regret missing. 

So this is a roll call of the ones that got away, with an emphasis on the fan shape. Please note that I neither recorded the dates or who the seller was--all I wanted was the graphic memory of the long-gone quilt. if any of these quilts belong to you, I am more than willing to insert attribution so contact me.

A close-up from the Polka Dot Fan quilt as seen above. It's got to be Southern. The zippy color scheme plus the slightly wonky oversize dots makes me wonder if I could be so bold in my own quiltmaking. 

This old beauty is a wool quilt of Mennonite origin. Love this dramatic pieced pattern that falls diagonally down the quilt supported by large squares of plaids and plains. I even like the picture where it's slung casually over a wire fence!

And there's this killer fan quilt top I still dream about--from Missouri I think.

Detail of the Killer Fan. Love the skinny red shapes that tie the fans together within the block.

Finally a wonderful combination of a fan+crazy quilt. A one-of certainly.