Saturday, August 29, 2009


Quiltmakers have been in love with the color blue since forever. Although they might take forays into trendy lime green, black, and orange patchwork from time to time, if you asked what their favorite true color was, they'd say 'blue.'

The phrase "true blue" is ancient and stems from the famous colorfast blue cloth woven and dyed in medieval Coventry, England. In the 1600's patches of blue fabric were worn as a sign of being 'true blue' by the Covenanters, a group of Scottish Presbyterians sworn to uphold the National Covenant that opposed the rule of James I of Scotland. This verse was written by Samuel Butler: "For his Religion it was Fit, To match his learning and wit; 'Twas Presbyterian true blue."

Blue came to be associated with the conservative party in Britain and today we still see vestiges of Coventry blue in the political maps of blue (Republican) and red (Democratic) states. Regardless of your politics, blue is found in many quilts and here are a few favorites.

Many of these images are Amish quilts. A few were snatched from internet auction sites. They're posted here just for enjoyment.

A simple design with four large blocks makes a whole quilt.

A strippy Nine Patch quilt from Holmes County, Ohio finds its best friends are green and lavender.

Inspiration is all around us, as this blue scene, photographed from the second floor great room at the Quilters Beach Party, shows. You haven't heard of the Quilters Beach Party?! Go to this link: .