Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Blog Rewind-December 2015

Oh dear--this blog has been sadly neglected! True confessions--it's way too easy to zap over to Facebook and post a few comments or pictures rather than plan and write a blog. Maybe I over-think this thing.

                                                            So Cheryl Sleboda of fame, in an effort to get lazy bloggers like myself off our a--, issued a 31 day challenge to write a blog posting every day.   #31DayBlogChallenge

Not like there's anything special to do in December, right?
The challenge began December 1 and lasts through the last day of the year. I am obviously a day late in starting! Cheryl challenged us to blog daily but seeing as how I write three blogs, eventually I realized that once a week for each blog would be a more realistic goal. In other words, 12 new postings. That I can handle. 

Today on December 2, it's Quilt Flap's turn. For all lovers of antique textiles and particularly quilts, feast your eyes on this 50's House quilt. I bought it off ebay for cheap (I am cheap-) and am even more delighted when it came in the mail. The pattern is uber-simple and I love the way the roof piece seems to levitate above the main house parts. The quilt was likely made in the 1960s (looking at the prints) although the seller could tell me nothing about it.

Love the orange sashing and the turquoise cornerstones! Not surprising to me that this quilt hails from Florida.

I know I'm going to graph this cool house and do something interesting with this pattern...