Sunday, May 25, 2008

"There is no blue-" Color Influences

I admit it-one of my all-time favorite colors is that intense golden-orange that quilt collectors now call 'cheddar.' Perhaps, if you're quilt-savvy, those colors say "Southern, late 19th-century, early 20th-century quilt-" but I'd like the association expanded. Sure, I love the teal blue-cheddar of many of my region's older quilts. But then again, inspiration can come from many sources.

One of my artistic idols, Vincent Van Gogh, was so sure of the rightness of his favorite color triumvirate that he once wrote to his brother Theo, " There is no blue without yellow and without orange." I concur. This color scheme always turns my head. It's in my head-can't help it. My generation revels in it. Vince would have loved the chopped-down VW wagon and approved of the sentiment.

I have an old Rob Peter to Pay Paul quilt and it inspired me to make a zippy wall hanging in wild fabrics. The curved block, being quite large, is easy to sew. Wow, this pattern has so many design possibilities! After inspecting the old quilt, I was delighted to see that the quilter had personalized it. She quilted around her hand and had even signed it 'Leola.'

How many of you have actually signed your name into your quilt? Or traced around your hand?

This gives a personal and unique identity to this quilt when described as a "handmade quilt."


antique quilter said...

I do love this quilt. I love cheddar in quilts.
Is this a pattern in one of your books?
I like your version as well. What a great find, her hand quilted into the quilt.
I may just have to do that one of these days.
thanks for sharing more of your quilts with us.

Rhonda said...

What a treasure! I must remember to add my handprint too. Thanks for sharing.

Momraps said...

I Love the Double Cab VW - the quilts are gorgeous also. Donna

Maggie R said...

I Love the cheddar and blue one. It sure gives a nice change from the scrappy ones...
Tracing your hand on the label,.,.,.I LOVE That idea, thanks for the tip..

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